Malcolm Page, Collection Manager


Malcolm’s love for cars and car racing began at Goodwood Racetrack in Chichester, England, where he grew up, studied Engineering and graduated from the Chicester College of Technology.


Joining Maranello Concessionaires UK in 1970, Malcolm worked with and trained technicians, specializing in the repair and performance of Ferrari cars, throughout the UK dealer network.  After a short spell at the Factory in 1974-75, he then had a promotional transfer to Australia as the Ferrari Technical Adviser for Australia and Asia, better known as ‘Australasia’.


Returning to the UK in 1989, Malcolm worked with VS Prototypes on the Porsche 962 LeMans Race cars.   Spending a lot of time in Asia, Malcolm then successfully headed up development on the 962CR super car project, overseeing a team of 60+ technicians and a budget of $11MM, which eventually produced 2 prototype and 3 pre production cars before the project was closed down in 1992 following the collapse of the super car market.


In 1992, out of 150 applicants who wanted to oversee the “Mallya Car Collection,” Malcolm was selected and started working for the renowned businessman, Vijay Mallya, to maintain and run the collection in the UK and then the USA.  The collection consists of 260+ cars worldwide and several of the cars are housed in Sausalito, CA, where Malcolm created the Mallya Collection Private Car Museum. 


Malcolm’s love for cars has grown to an overall enthusiasm and interest in Transportation, and the history of Transportation, which includes cars, airplanes, trains, boats, etc.  His expertise and knowledge in the history and values of cars associates Malcolm with a select Network of other “CAR EXPERTS” across the Globe that Malcolm interacts with on a regular basis.



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